DUO 11: Wiktoria Zawistowska & Olga Tsymbaluk

Wiktoria Zawistowska, Polish: voice

Mezzosoprano Wiktoria Zawistowska was born in 1986 in Ełk, Poland. Zawistowska completed a bachelor degree and a master‘sdegree in Music at the Academy of Music in Cracow where she studied with professor Maria Seremet. Zawistowska is a PhD student at the Music Academy in Katowice. During her studies she received several prices, including the special prize and the second prize in the 2nd International Vocal Competition named in Kielce, and the fourth prize in the 9th International Vocal Competition in Wrocław. In may 2013 she received a special prize at Pustina Vocal Competition at Zdar by Sazavou in the Czech Republic.


Olga Tsymbaluk, Polish: piano

Pianist Olga Tsymbaluk was born in Lviv, Ukraine, where she began her piano studies at the age of five at the Salomea Krushelnytska Music School. During her professional studies she performed three times with Lviv’s Filharmony Orchestra. Tsymbaluk graduated from the Music Academy in Krakow and is currently a teacher at the Voice and Drama Faculty of the Academy of Music in Krakow, and a soloist’s coach at the Krakow Opera.

Olga Tsymbaluk collaborates with Krakow Opera as a pianist, where she plays concerts and recitals. She has accompanied singers at several vocal competitions and vocal courses in Poland.


Johannes Brahms:

„Liebestreu” nr 1

„Sapphische Ode” nr 4

„Von ewiger Liebe” nr 1

Gabriel Faure op. 18

„Automne” nr 3

„Au bord de l’eau” nr 1

Antonin Dvořak „Biblical songs” op. 99

„Slysz o BoŽe” nr 3 (psalm 51; 1-8)

„Pri řekach” nr 7 (psalm 137; 1-6)

Peter Heise: Dyvekes Sange

„Bergen”nr 1

„Hvad vil den Mand” nr 3

Modest Mussorgsky „Bez Solntsa” / „Sunless”

„V chetyreh stenah” / „Within Four Walls” nr 1

„Okonchen prazdnyj, shumnyj den’” / „The Usless, Noisy Day Has Ended” nr 3

„Elegy” nr 5

„Nad rekoj” / „On The River” nr 6

Carl Nielsen „ Musik til fem digte” words by Jens Peter Jacobsen

„Solnedgang” nr 1

„I Seraillets Have” nr 2

„Til Asali” nr 3

Nikolay Rimsky–Korsakov

„Redeet oblakov letuchaya gryada” / „The Clouds Begin To Scatter” op.42 nr 3

Words Aleksandr Pushkin

Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov

„Drabitsa, i pleshchet, i bryzzhet volna” / „The Waves Brakes Into Spray” op.46, nr 1

Camille Saint – Saëns op. 40

„Danse macabre”

Words Henri Cazalis

Pyotr Tchaikovsky

„Zabyt tak skoro” / „To Forget So Soon” 1870

 „My sidieli s toboj”/ „We sat together” op. 73 nr 1